Is was so challenging to pick a photographer for our wedding. I remember going through what seemed like thousands of portfolios, and while I enjoyed the unique styles of different individuals, I felt no real connection to anyone.

Picking a wedding photographer can be one of the most overwhelming parts of planning a wedding. It is stressful  to hire someone that you've met one time in a coffee shop to document one of the most important days of your life. There is no re do over or re-shoot, and you have to trust this stranger enough to basically make them a member of the wedding party for the day.


So you may ask yourself why should you choose me to be your photographer & that's an excellent question! Why choose me over hundreds of other wedding photographers that are listed? For starters I hope you are drawn to my work & style of photography, I put all of myself into my work, treating every shoot individually so that I can offer you the best documentation of your style, venue & overall aesthetic. I do have guidelines but I do not limit my approach to YOUR day, keeping my client in mind so that I can capture every important detail.


Something else that sets me apart is affordability. Being in this industry and recently getting married myself,  I've noticed some vendors charging astronomical prices for sub par performance. For me photography is a passion,  and a creative outlet. Therefore, you will find my prices affordable and enthusiasm transcend into my work.


Another thing that sets me apart is the rights to print at your leisure. Once I've edited your photos, I upload them to an online gallery that's been made specifically for you, you're allowed to view, download & print your images. Also, along with that avenue of receiving your images I supply one USB with your photos upon request. I do highly recommend you use Photography lab for printing for best quality. Not all labs are created equal & if you happen to go to a very cheap & unqualified lab your images will not come out looking as intended. 

I give recommendations to quality printing labs, most of them are very reasonably priced & the end result will be amazing!


I try very hard to get my couples a sneak peek preview within a few days or first week after the wedding & have their full gallery edited & sent out within 30 days.


Another very important element that a lot of couples overlook is their compatibility with the photographer, trust me it's extremely important! I'm easy to get along with, I come to your wedding on time, knowing it's your day & I'm there to put all of my effort into capturing those beautiful moments & details you've worked so hard to bring to life. I'm passionate about my work & I'm always looking for ways to improve so my clients will never have my second best. Weddings have a funny way of throwing their own curve balls sometimes & that can be quite stressful to the couple & family. I do not want to be any added stress by pushing for how I think it should go, I will make suggestions during the day, for example (stand here, this would look better, the lighting isn't good here, let's try this photo, etc) basically I'm going to be your photographer, I will suggest things & try to guide each situation into the best possible arrangement for your photos to turn out great!


I love photographing weddings & because I actually love it, it shows up in my work & my demeanor. I'm grateful when a couple chooses me to capture their love story, making it my priority to document the real emotion from that day to be treasured for years to come. I want you to feel like you have a friend as well as a photographer, even in the months, weeks, days leading you to your wedding. I want you to feel at ease during this process & I work very hard to give that comfort to my clients!


So if this didn't answer your questions & you're still wondering why you should choose me, I would love for you to contact me & we can talk about any of your concerns. I want you to feel sure about your decision of choosing me!